Gary Barlow performs at a very special christening at Annabel’s Mayfair 

The fairy queen costume for a fairy tale wedding dress wings midsummers night dream theme
Butterfly Harpist for events enchanted garden florals
Red carpet make-up artists for parties in Annabel's fairy queen make-up and hair
Unicorn costume fancy dress in an enchanted garden
White wizard costume for events magician for parties

It was an honour to produce fairy tale entertainment, as well as consult on the production, for one of my favourite clients, Tatiana.

The event was a beautiful christening for a private client, which included an hour long set by Gary Barlow. The theme was fairy tale, but, due to the nature of the event, we softened the colour palette and used new costumes, changing the usual bold make-up and hair work to baby pinks, whites and soft golds. 

The characters included a fairy queen complete with glossamere wings and sculptural hair, a unicorn with beautifully bedazzling bling, a white wizard (who also served as a magician for the children at the event) and a butterfly harpist, who gracefully plucked at the strings of a giant golden harp. 

Client and guest red carpet make-up and hair was also produced using the original Annabel’s club, located at 44 Berkeley Square, London as a dressing room just a short walk from the phenomenal, newly built Annabel’s at 46 Berkley Square. 

The venue was dressed with 20 floral instillations, featuring thousands of flowers; these were used to frame the dining area, reception, cake table, harpist and stage. 

The cakes featured sugar crafted vintage prams by the tattooed bakers, as well as ornate iced biscuits by Lisa Stratis Little Fancies, both of which were truly delicious. 

Luxury iced biscuits for events, weddings and parties
Luxury Iced Biscuits for christenings
Annabel's cake the tattooed bakers
London make-up artists for hire
A fairy in an enchanted fairy tale garden wedding
Butterfly headdress for ascot in Annabel's
Mr and Mrs Carings Christening at Annabels
Inside Annabel's mayfair with a cast of fairies wizards unicorns and harpists for a special themed event



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